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How to Order and What to Expect

Commissioning a handmade guitar from an independent luthier, especially if you are doing this for the first time, can be very scary.  I hope that this section of my webpage answers some of your questions.  Please look it over, and also feel free to contact me with any questions.  Please be assured that for me this is mostly a labor of love, and that I look forward to working with you to build your dream guitar.

How long will it take?

With my present build schedule, the estimated time between your order, and my delivery is about 6 months.  Please keep in mind, though, that I have very high standards for my guitars, and that because I work alone with wood that many factors (such as weather, availability of supplies, and unexpected twists and turns in the build process) may require occasional changes to delivery dates.  It is more important to me that I build you the best guitar that I can, than that I hurry the process in a way that reduces its quality.

How may I pay?

I accept Cash, Personal Checks, Money Orders, Paypal and Cashiers Checks. I welcome your personal check, but it must clear before we deliver your instrument.  Because you will have some time while I am building your guitar, I recommend that you send a personal check as I am nearing its completion, since sending a personal check tends to make things easier if lost in the mail.  If you are paying by Paypal, please include an additional 2% to cover Paypal fees (this may also allow you to pay with a credit card).   When sending payments through the mail, do so on a registered basis to assure delivery.

What is the payment schedule?

When I begin a guitar I make a major commitment in terms of time and materials, so I ask that upon agreement of specifications and complete price that buyers send a $250 deposit to reserve their spots in the building schedule and to secure the agreed-on price. After all, it is customary for luthiers to charge increasing prices as their work finds a marketplace home, and I want to assure people committing to my building them a guitar that they can count on an agreed-on price.  The deposit is non-refundable, so be sure that you've made up your mind about me building you a guitar: itís a big commitment for both of us.  Your deposit will place you on my build schedule, and I will notify you when I begin your guitar, at which time I will ask you to pay half of the remaining balance, with the other half, plus shipping, insurance, and taxes, are due upon completion. 

For example, if the agreed upon price is $2000, $250 is due as a deposit with the signed agreement.  Another $750 is due when building begins.  The balance of $1000 is due upon completion.  Price does not include shipping, which is generally about $80. (For customers in California, tax will be collected at this time.)

Changing Your Order

You are welcome to change your order up until the point that the guitar goes into production.  Most changes will result in an increase in the quoted price.  Changes may still be made after the starting time, but may require substantial additional charges depending upon the level of completion of the instrument.


All orders are shipped from Saville Guitars fully insured via Federal Express, UPS or USPS.  Shipping is an additional charge paid by the buyer upon completion of the instrument.  Normal ship time is 2-5 day delivery, but may be upgraded to overnight at our discretion, especially during times of extreme weather conditions.  You are welcome to pick up your guitar upon its completion.

Cancellation Policy

If you decide to cancel your order when we contact you at build start or prior to that time, there are three options available:

1) Cancel the order and forfeit the non-refundable payments.

2) Sell your building position to another buyer and recoup your prior payments from that party, notifying us immediately of any transfer of ownership of the building position with the new buyers name, address, and phone number.

3) Retain your payments by requesting your building position be moved to the end of the list, thereby giving you additional time before the guitar build begins. Pricing will be retained for one move to the end of the list. If you are not ready to build when your name comes up again, you can request to be rolled to the end of the line again, but the pricing on your instrument will be adjusted to reflect the price list in effect at that time. Build position will be rolled two times, after which payments will be forfeited if build does not proceed.


Saville Guitars are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship from the date of purchase. Warranty shall be in place as long as I am making instruments.  Saville Guitars will repair or replace, at my option, any Saville guitar or part thereof which is found to be defective. This warranty is extended to the original purchaser only and is subject to the limitations set forth below.

Warranty Limitations:

1) Instruments that have been modified after shipping from the place of manufacture;
2) Instruments whose serial numbers have been altered or removed;
3) Instruments that have been subjected to extremes of humidity or temperature
4) Normal wear or natural cracking of wood or shrinkage of finish;
5) Instruments that have been damaged due to misuse, neglect, or accident;
6) Normal wear and tear to serviceable parts such as strings, tuning gears, frets;
7) Claims from or by anyone other than the original purchaser.

Saville Guitars reserves the right to use materials regularly utilized or available at the time of repair in the event that original materials are no longer available.

This is the sole warranty of Saville Guitars. No other written, oral, express or implied warranties including the merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose apply.

Repair Notes

If you are having a problem with your guitar, or have damaged it, please contact me immediately (and first!). I will discuss whatever is going on with the guitar and make a decision on the best way to resolve the problem.

A Special Note About Humidity and Temperature and How They Affect Guitars

If you live in an area that is extremely humid or very arid, or one that is often changing from very wet to very dry, or hot to cold, you will need to take special measures to insure the well being of your guitar.  These conditions exist almost everywhere.  In order to properly maintain any fine guitar, effective humidity control is necessary,
I am happy to discuss with you at length, the care and feeding of your guitar. Please contact