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27.5" Baritone

I have built 4 baritone guitars.  They are a great instrument.  While they are very similar to the standard 6 string guitar, I find that they are almost like having another instrument.  You just can not play them like a standard 6 string.  They take a bit of time to respond, so you need to play songs that are a bit slower.  If you can do that you will be rewarded by hearing the chords develop, and with the right wood choices, the development will turn to lush overtones that grow and build as you wait for them.  It is a wonderful experience.

You need to think carefully about wood choices, perhaps even more so than standard scale lengths.  For back and sides I find that wood like koa and myrtle are ,ore appropriate than rosewoods. 

This baritone is Adirondack on Oregon Myrtle.  It has a scale length of 27.5" and is 14 frets to the body.
The binding, fretboard, and headstock are ziricote.
Gotoh 510 18:1 tuners