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Spread Sheet Magic!

Here is a handy Excel spread sheet.  Click on "Note Generator" below to access the file.

On sheet #1, Fret note generator, you can change the tuning by the pull downs at the 0 fret position and it will display the notes down the fretboard.

Sheet # 2, Scale Length, allows you to calculate fret spacing for different scale lengths.  Simply change the scale length, hit enter and the calculation is performed.

Sheet #3, Note Frequency, gives the frequencies for various notes.

Sheet #4, Tension, lets you calculate string tension and is most useful for baritone owners that want to try new strings and tunings.    At the top of the sheet is a link to D'Addario that you'll need for different string gauges and scale lengths.  Simply find the unit weight and frequency and the tension is calculated for you.  There are 6 sample already loaded for you. 

Have fun and let me know if you need any help with this worksheets.



Note Generator